Even the smallest of today’s businesses relies on some form of technology to get the job done. But for most companies, technology is not their business. It’s ours.

Custom Computer Specialists puts technology to work for customers across a range of markets. We apply our 35 years of deep domain and technical experience, certified skills and broad knowledge across the IT spectrum to ensure that technology supports their business reliably – enabling them to respond quickly and effectively to their day-to-day responsibilities, to customers, to business opportunities, and to fluctuating market demands.

And we can do the same for you.

Regardless of your industry, Custom is an IT provider you can trust to deliver the right people, the right solutions, and the right results for your technology needs. Whether your specific requirements call for the integration of advanced learning technologies in the classroom, the exacting standards of government agencies, the unrelenting reliability of the healthcare industry, or a scalable infrastructure to support a dynamic corporate environment – Custom delivers, with cost-effective technology solutions that work for you.

We proudly serve the following markets: