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Custom’s approach to solution development starts with reviewing organizational goals and objectives, then matching technology solution development to empower our clients in realizing those goals. We believe that providing demonstrable value to our clients is the foundation in a successful project engagement.

Product procurement and associated services oftentimes offer complexity for our clients. In addition to outstanding customer service and a dedicated product team, Custom offers a variety of services such as kitting, custom-builds, asset tagging and management and comprehensive order tracking. Read more...

Custom’s flagship product, Infinite Campus, is a comprehensive, web-based environment where administrators, teachers, parents, and students use technology to streamline communication of information, work more efficiently and help increase individual student achievement. More robust than traditional Student Management Systems, Infinite Campus combines multiple data management programs into a single integrated application. Read more...

IT Services
IP Communications, Consolidation/ Virtualization, Security, Messaging and Archiving, and Directory Services are just a few of the IT solutions Custom offers. Each is tailored to meet specific organizational needs/demands and are designed to provide bottom-line value to our clients. Read more...

Custom’s consulting practice includes Project Management services and Project Management Office solutions, Strategic Planning consultation, Workflow consulting and Data Center assessment services. Read more...

Reduce the complexity of technical staff sourcing, hiring and retaining with CustomSource, our expert resource outsourcing solution. Custom has provided outsourced solutions for many of our clients, ranging from individual skilled resources to entire IT organizations.



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TS01 - MS SQL Fundamentals
Understanding the basics of SQL is required when interpreting the Infinite Campus data schema and developing SQL scripts. Participants will learn basic MS SQL concepts in this two-day course. 

May 12 - 16, 2014 - Hauppauge, NY

TS02 - Infinite Campus Data Schema
This two-day course is designed to help district data managers develop queries against the Infinite Campus database using Microsoft SQL Query Analyzer.  Participants will learn how to connect to and query Campus data sources with hands-on instruction.
Knowledge of MS SQL Participants will be required to pass a SQL competency test prior to arrival.

June 3 - 4, 2014 - Hauppauge, NY

July 15 - 16, 2014 - Millcreek, PA

TS03 - MS SQL Reporting Services
This two-day course provides an introduction to creating web-based customized reports using MS SQL Reporting Services.  Prerequisites:  Participants will be required to pass a SQL competency test or complete the MS SQL Fundamentals class (TS01). Knowledge of the Infinite Campus data schema strongly recommended (see TS02). 

July 17 - 18, 2014 - Millcreek, PA
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