Career Development

As an education technology consulting company, our clients – and our reputation – rely on our expertise across multiple technologies and disciplines. Custom supports our employees in their professional development, and provides a variety of opportunities for them to set and and attain development goals and grow their careers within the Custom environment.

Technical Training and Career Development

We encourage the pursuit of industry-demanded certifications and competencies in the latest technologies. Custom provides access to:

  • Off-site vendor and technology-specific training
  • Web-based training
  • A comprehensive technical library
  • Customized in-house training seminars and hands-on mentoring

Access to Robust Technology Offerings

Our in-house lab offers an opportunity for technicians and engineers to engage in interactive, hands-on learning with technology solutions in a live, practical environment. Client sites provide hands-on opportunities for technical resources to work with many different types of technologies in diverse environments.

Professional Challenges

The Custom environment, as well as our diverse customer requirements afford enormous opportunities for our employees to learn, to make an impact, and to be recognized for their accomplishments. We provide a healthy mix of high expectations, challenges, possibilities, and performance-based growth and rewards for all of our employees.

Coaching and Managing

Custom employees receive the vision, tools, on-going training, and support they need to continue to provide superior service to our clients. Continuous communication, open feedback, direction, coaching, and support ensure that our professionals stay motivated and on track with business – and career – goals and objectives.