Custom Computer Specialists Commitment to Cisco’s Partner Sales Academy is largest throughout the Globe

HAUPPAUGE, NY (May 2014) — Custom Computer Specialists Inc. (Custom), an information technology service provider in the Northeast, has committed to expanding their capabilities by adding new positions to their sales and engineering teams through Cisco’s Partner Sales Academy, the largest commitment of any Cisco partner. Cisco Partner Sales Academy (PSA) is a select program for Cisco partners who are interested in diversifying their talent and infusing early-in-career Associate Sales Representatives (ASRs) and Associate Systems Engineers (ASEs) into their workforce strategy.

Offered in January and July, PSA classes provide world-class comprehensive, hands-on educational and experiential training that develops industry leaders throughout the US, Canada and Europe. Custom’s commitment to driving talent through this program is the largest commitment from any Cisco partner both nationally or globally.

“Our first group of PSAs participated in the academy’s July 2013 class and consisted of 4 sales representatives and 7 system engineers,” said Gregory Galdi, owner and President of Custom. “We were so impressed with the quality of talent, and training offered to these team members, that we have committed to send additional ASRs and ASEs to the July 2014 class.

Recruiting for this award-winning program vary based on an organization’s needs, however most candidates have been out of university for less than 5 years and maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

“When reviewing candidates for the program we also assess their personality, business acumen and presentation skills to ensure they are a fit for our organization.” Said Greg. “This rigorous recruiting effort ensures that these early in career hires will drive Custom’s success in the near and distant future.”

The next group of Custom recruits are scheduled to head down to Raleigh, NC in July, spend 3 months at the Cisco facility and return to Custom for completion of their training. “The Cisco PSA program has given me the education, tools, and resources that are essential to my success in the workplace. Beyond the interactive classes and workshops, the PSA program really encouraged networking with peers and Cisco sales/engineering teams and nurturing those relationships to ensure we were successful in the field.” said Amanda Pielstick, a Custom ASR who participated in the academy in July 2013. “This opportunity is truly one of a kind and I am proud to be an alumna of the Partner Sales Academy and part of the Custom team.”

Custom invites early-in-career talent to reach out to Custom if they’re interested in new technologies, innovation and creative solutions.

About Custom Computer Specialists, Inc.

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