Custom Computer Specialists Invited by Future Ready Schools-New Jersey to Join Task Force

HAUPPAUGE, NY (January 25, 2017) Custom Computer Specialists (“Custom”) a leading IT services provider, announced today that Rick Cadiz, Director of Sales at Custom, has been invited by Future Ready Schools — New Jersey to join their Technology Support and Services task force.

Future Ready Schools – New Jersey Certification Program, is a partnership of the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE), and the New Jersey School Boards Association. Future Ready Schools – New Jersey helps NJ K12 public, private, and charter school leaders plan and implement personalized, research-based digital learning strategies so all students can achieve their full potential. A major component of their mission is to ensure that the expertise, experience, and resources from a wide variety of individuals and organizations are incorporated into the development of their certification program.

They have established three task forces, Education and Classroom Practice, Technology Support and Services, and Leadership, to identify actions that schools in New Jersey can take to prepare their students for success in a digital age. The task forces will help identify the resources needed for schools to achieve these Future Ready actions, and develop the metrics and evidence with which they can verify that schools are successfully implementing these actions.

“The Future Ready Schools – NJ task forces are essential to ensuring that the experience, expertise, and voices of educators, educational leaders, and all stakeholder groups from throughout New Jersey and beyond are incorporated into the certification program. This will ensure that we provide the guidance, support, and resources the schools need to foster graduates and prepare them to succeed in a world where digital technology is omnipresent,” said Jeremy Reich, Future Ready Schools – NJ Project Lead. “Having representatives of organizations such as Custom Computer Specialists involved in the task force enables us to offer an array of resources from a variety of vendors and sources for each Future Ready action they propose, providing schools with potential means to achieve their Future Ready goals.”

“We are very excited to be partnering with Future Ready Schools in New Jersey and I’m honored to be part of their Technology Support and Services task force,” says Rick Cadiz, Director of Sales at Custom. “It speaks to Custom’s experience and expertise in providing, managing and supporting the technologies that inspire students in 3500 schools today.”

About Custom Computer Specialists

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