Cyber security seminar

Existing at the intersection of business risk, regulation and technology, cyber risk has emerged as a paramount risk to an organization. The ramifications of a breach are far reaching, extending beyond the damages to revenues and reputations.

Join us for a complimentary dinner as we bring together cyber experts to discuss cyber issues as they exist in business risk, regulation and technology.

5:30p-6:15p: Registration & Networking with cocktails served
6:00p-7:30p: Presentations & Dinner 
7:30p-8:30p: Dessert & Networking

What’s Your Appetite for Cyber Risk

Meet Our Speakers: 

Brendan Goodwin Arthur Gallagher & Co

Adam Cottini
Managing Director
Cyber Liability Practice, NYArthur J. Gallagher & Co

Adam Cottini is the Managing Director, Cyber Liability Practice, New York at Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Adam is responsible for the overall direction of the Cyber Liability Practice including development of state of the art product solutions, insurance gap analysis, risk exposure analysis, risk modeling, bench marking, and best practices implementation. He has been brokering cyber liability for 12 years.

Brendan Goodwin Arthur Gallagher & Co

Andrew T. GarbarinoOf Council Ruskin Moscou Faltishcek, P.C.

Andrew T. Garbarino serves as Of Counsel at Ruskin Moscou Faltischek, P.C. and he is a member of the firm’s White Collar Crime & Investigations and Health Law Regulatory Departments, and a member of the firm’s Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Practice Group.

Brendan Goodwin Arthur Gallagher & Co

Dennis O’Connell Director of SecurityCustom Computer Specialists

Dennis O’Connell is Director of Security at Custom Computer Specialists. Focusing on Cyber Security solution, Dennis has developed a proprietary security assessment that assists clients in identifying security gaps and creating an overall cyber security strategy.