How Top Performing Schools are Improving Distance Learning 
Why is it that some districts are finding success with distance learning, while others are struggling? We’ll show you how districts are using the WebEx Distance Learning Room Kit in hybrid classrooms to create an immersive experience. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how this solution addresses the needs of students, teachers, administrators and parents.

Training Webinar – How to Use WebEx
Now that so many of us are working remotely and relying on WebEx to keep us connected, it’s inevitable that questions arise.  From the most basic “How do I create a meeting?” to more complex “How do I use WebEx teams to maximize project team productivity. In this webinar we will address these questions and more during our training session. In this webinar, we will address these questions and more.

Give your teachers the skills to successfully teach at a distance
Edge-U, an on-demand learning system, was created by teachers for teachers. Set-up in the form of badges to support educators with the challenges they face every day, every one of the Edge U Badges is aligned to ISTE Standards for Educators, ISTE Standards for Students and SAMR.

Pandemic Teaching: How to Make the Best out of a Bad Situation
Technology is playing a larger role in education than ever before as many students, from kindergarten through college, adapt to hybrid schedules where they are in the classroom on some days and learning from home in front of a computer on others.


In this webinar, Greg Galdi, President and CEO of Custom Computer Specialists will discuss important topics that affect businesses today.  Including leadership through COVID, career journey, leadership philosophy and more.

Leading a Remote Workforce – Through the Pandemic and Beyond
At this live panel discussion, the executives at Custom Computer Specialists will discuss topics including keeping remote workers energized, ensuring remote workers are productive, security challenges in the remote workforce, how to manage a hybrid workforce and more.