See what clients have to say about the Custom Team.

Estee Lauder

“Your engineer is very knowledgeable and professional. He has made great advances on gathering the information that we have asked him to compile. I just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with his work and all that he is doing for us and I would like to use him in the future for similar tasks.”

Claudio Moya, Executive Director

NYC School

“I just want you to know what a wonderful employee you have in your account representative. I LOVE working with her!!! She is always communicative and helpful. Just thought you should know what a pleasure it is working with her.”

Nadia A. Molinari, Procurement Analyst


“I just wanted to take a moment of your time and bring to your attention your rock-star technician. I’ve always had positive interactions/results with Custom, and we love everything that your company has done for us. You guys are top notch. But he’s a special man. I have no doubt that any customer who interacts with him would be very happy with the help he offers.”

Albert Lee

Large Long Island School District

“My confidence level became so high that even though I was personally responsible for the success of the install, I was due to be out on a personal leave literally the day it began. When I returned six weeks later, the system was done. To this day I have only heard positive feedback. I would recommend Custom and their team of VoIP specialists to anyone.”

Frank A. Morisco, District Director of Administrative and Instructional Technology

Large Long Island School District

“We chose Custom because we had worked with them on several projects and we’d always had a positive experience.”

Kerrin Welch-Pollera, Director of Instructional Technology

NYC School

“Custom’s onsite engineers were very supportive and responsive and helped move us through the project. Even before we signed the contract with them, Custom invested a lot of time and energy to make sure that we met NYCDOE regulations. They did a great job of making sure that we met our goals.”

Daniel Rannells, Director of Information Technology, Bronx High School of Science

Large Medical Practice

“Custom’s IT Support Assurance really works for us. Park East could not attract and retain a person with the high level of skills and ability of our Custom engineers. We would have to pay a fortune to hire someone with those skills here in Manhattan. The amount we pay Custom each month is a fraction of the cost when you add everything up, and the level of service is much higher.”

Sandy Iannarone, Practice Administrator

New England School District

“I think your technician is the perfect match for our school. I don’t think you could have made a better choice.”

Briseida Rojas

Deer Park Library

“Your technician always takes the time to cheerfully explain and assist with new applications or hardware to our staff and patrons. The library is a very dynamic environment and it is no easy task to work on planned projects and deal with issues that crop up from Children’s Services, Adult References, Circulation and the Business Office. She is able to manage this all plus help us out throughout the week with our calls for help!”

Robert Cognato

Hospice Care Network

“Your technician is our “computer superhero” and we most assuredly appreciate his knowledge, motivation, teamwork and patience.”

Eastern Suffolk Boces

“I wanted to commend two of your staff members. Cindi and I reached out to the helpdesk last Thursday, 3/6/14 with an issue that William Floyd encountered. They got involved immediately and the issues were resolved within 45 minutes. This greatly appreciated by us, knowing how busy data services is. The district was very pleased as well. They are both an asset to your team.”

Karen Mahoney

Cullen and Dykman

“I wanted to take the time out to mention that Custom Computer continues to provide exceptional service to Cullen and Dykman, and that support is greatly appreciated. Their knowledge of systems and professionalism certainly is an important part of our relationship.”

Joseph De Sario, Manager of Information Services

Girard School District

“I am sincerely appreciative of the support and guidance that your representative has provided, and I tell him that frequently as well. I understand that the frequencies of my calls is not a standard, and I appreciate the courtesy, flexibility and support that I have been given.”

David Koma, Principal

Franklin Towne Charter

“Your project managers displayed a synergistic mix of tact, grit and determination in providing Franklin Towne the necessary information to meet and exceed expectations, despite a tight migration and implementation window. During instance of anomaly discoveries, their focus was laser like; customer and internal resources were garnered and managed in a highly effective manner.”

Timothy Loranger, Jr., Director of Information Technology

Spencerport Schools

“Each of these persons have gone out of their way to support me and I need to share with you that – CCS must be doing something extraordinary to have such AWESOME employees.”

Robin Hagberg, Data Management Specialist

Elizabeth Public Schools

“I wanted to take this opportunity and thank you and your team for the technical support you have provided our organization these past 3 years. One of the biggest challenges we faced was preparing to meet state-mandated Common Core standards in math and English. Your team helped us prepare our network to support online testing for PARCC. With your teams assistance we were able to update our network infrastructure so we could deploy both the testing protocol and the 1:1 wireless device initiative that equipped all our students with a laptop. I look forward to our continuous partnership in supporting the students at Elizabeth Public Schools.”

Alberto A. Marsal, CIO