Backup, Recovery & Business Continuity

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Many people think of backup and recovery as insurance for a failed server or hardware component. The ability to carry on with business, though, can be affected by non-technical issues as well – such as the inaccessibility of your office building after a flood, fire, or act of terror. In today’s world, an effective business continuity strategy has to consider a broad range of possibilities – and an equally broad range of solution options.


Back-Up, Back-Up, Back-Up. It sounds simple; however, how it is achieved is as important as just backing up your information

Custom’s data backup, recovery, and business continuity services provide comprehensive and reliable solutions for your unique system availability and access requirements. From basic backups that can restore lost data and applications after an equipment failure to full-scale disaster recovery (DR) solutions that provide large-capacity and long-term remote user access after a natural disaster – Custom helps you choose the right technologies and can implement an effective plan that minimizes data loss, ensures system availability – and keeps your business running.

Sized for Your Needs

As many as 60% of small businesses do not have a formal emergency response plan. The reasons range from a perceived high-cost of DR, to prioritizing day-to-day operations over backups. Compliance and regulations in certain industries place further burden on DR implementation. Ultimately, poor planning can result in another form of devastation – more than 25% of businesses do not reopen following a major disaster.

Fortunately, Custom’s expertise and experience can help you overcome these often overwhelming barriers and ensure your business’ recovery from minor data loss to full-scale disaster. The difference is that our data center consultants guide you in the design and implementation of a customized data protection environment – complete with the right technologies and appliances – that address your specific business needs:

  • Mission-Critical Applications
    Protecting the applications that your business runs on means ensuring that they are functional – and always available. Custom’s use of high availability (HA) server and network components, fully redundant system design, virtualization, and backup technologies provide the application uptime that your users and business demand.
  • Data Backup and Recovery
    Custom’s solutions for backup and recovery protect information across a range of applications, operating systems, and platforms – and include physical, virtual, and hybrid solutions.
  • Data Replication Custom
    Provides continuous data replication and backups from your physical and virtual environments to another geographic location or cloud-based environment that protects your data against the impacts of a natural disaster – and that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.
  • Virtualization
    Custom can help you implement a virtualized environment that provides scalability and cost and management efficiencies – as well as a fast and easy option for data recovery.

Ensuring Your Resilience

Today’s data center environment is complex – but your backup and recovery plan doesn’t have to be. Custom’s solutions improve business resilience and prepare you for any level of system disruption with a customized solution that simplifies management, maintains data integrity, accelerates encrypted transactions, and expands as your business grows.

Custom’s data center consultants are experts in the design of backups – both on-premise or in the cloud, and also provide full business continuity planning and execution. They are certified in most advanced supporting server, storage, and networking technologies.

Minimize your risk with Custom’s backup, recovery, and business continuity solutions that ensure that your business-critical data and applications are available when you need them.