Cloud Backup

Businesses, healthcare organizations and K-12 schools and districts need a sound backup and recovery strategy to protect mission-critical data. Unrecoverable data due to equipment failure, natural disasters, hackers or other threats can be crippling, causing thousands of dollars in damage; impacting thousands of customers, patients or students; and causing an untold amount of reputation damage.

As data and infrastructure complexity increases, the cost and difficulty of managing and maintaining an in-house backup solution is skyrocketing. Traditional tape-based backup solutions require too much manual intervention, and they hog server resources—not to mention the ongoing cost of tapes and tape storage. Recovering a file can monopolize IT resources for days.

The solution lies in the cloud. The rise of virtualization technologies for consolidating servers and storage has led to a proliferation of cloud services, such as Custom Cloud Backup.

Simple Enough to Start Today

Custom Cloud Backup protects your organization from the consequences of natural and human-caused data disasters: lost opportunity, revenue and customers. And it eliminates capital equipment expenses, allowing you to shift costs to a predictable operational model.

Custom provides expert backup management services, sparing you the hassle of developing, monitoring and maintaining your own backup solution. We configure the initial backup using a network-connected appliance that doesn’t place too much strain on desktops or file servers. We continuously monitor the backup process, proactively alert you in the event of a problem and assist in restoring and recovering your data and applications.

IT leaders throughout the region trust Custom with their data backup and recovery. Cloud Backup enables businesses, healthcare organizations, schools and districts of all sizes to enjoy enterprise-class benefits:

  • Military-grade data encryption
  • Fast, guided restoration and recovery after a failure
  • System-state backups and recoveries
  • Application backups and recoveries

It’s so simple to back up your data and applications using Cloud Backup that you can start today.

Improve Security Posture and Reduce Risk

Custom has the experience and technology focus to deliver a cloud-based backup and recovery that allows you to:

  • Improve security posture
  • Reduce risk
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Be more efficient
  • Eliminate unnecessary hardware, tape, tape storage and upkeep costs

We also offer on-premises and hybrid cloud backup solutions. We work closely with you to learn your needs and help you assess the options to make the best choice.