IT Assessment

As technology advances and your network grows it’s important for your organization to be sure your network is continuing to function efficiently.  Our IT Network Assessment is a full overview performed by our expert team that will leave you with a full understanding of your network’s capability and compliancy.

The Assessment

Our expert team will assess every component of your network. They will come and assess:

  • What type of throughput you should utilize
  • Whether your network is capable of handling the number of users you require
  • If you are SNMP compliant
  • Whether your network is secure.

We will also identify:

  • Your traffic patterns
  • Verify if your software is up to date
  • Whether your products are still in warranty

Our team will look at your routers, Netgear switches and any other device and manually verify they are functioning properly.

The Recommendation

Once our team completes their assessment they will provide you with a detailed assessment report complete with:

  • A topology map of your network
  • Photos and graphics of your network
  • A list of warranties that are expiring
  • Suggestions for moving forward.

Our assessment report will list our suggested course of action prioritized by high, medium and low recommendations. The report also includes whether your warrantied items can be upgraded for the same price, what items should be replaced, remediated or upgraded, and which are working well.