Onsite IT Support

Custom’s Onsite IT Support solution is an effective and flexible way to supplement and staff your in-house team – without overstaffing. Scale your IT capabilities, skills, and support as needed and on-demand. Our right-sized, competitively priced outsourced IT resources provide expert coverage for projects, specialized skills, temporary gaps in staffing, seasonal demands, and emergent situations.

Our customers have turned to Custom for flexible, competitively priced IT resources for over three decades. And they keep coming back. Our 97% renewal rate speaks for itself.

The Right IT Resources – On Demand

With more than 260 expertly trained and certified technical professionals on our staff, Custom offers high-level IT expertise across a broad range of technologies and can bring an enormous amount of manpower – whenever you need it. Our capability and capacity rivals even the largest systems integrators at the local level.

For almost 40 years, Custom has provided the right IT resources to clients of all sizes and industries. Here are just some of the benefits you get with our Custom IT professionals:

  •  Expertise Custom supplements your existing IT staff with professionals who combine deep technical and solid business skills – and extraordinary customer service.
  • Part of Our Team Our IT professionals are W2 employees, not contractors. As such, they are committed to our corporate values and high standards for accountability, responsibility, and customer service.
  • Training Custom provides our IT professionals with all of the necessary training materials, and we require – and pay for – all certification testing. Recurrent technical training is core to Custom’s commitment to providing you with IT resources that are current and certified on leading – and new – technologies.
  • Certifications Our Service Delivery Managers hold ITIL Service Management and HDI’s Support Center Director certifications, along with a variety of other leading industry certifications, assuring our clients that our support teams are using Industry Best Practices and are actively managed.
  • Strategic Guidance Our onsite support teams are led by Service Delivery Managers (SDMs) that are experienced in managing technical support operations. In addition, they act as virtual CTOs/CIOs to help you formulate and achieve strategic goals.
  • Our Service Delivery Managers are active in the IT Support Industry; some serving as HDI Officers, some participating in ITSM and Educational IT forums, and some serving as speakers at industry events.
  • Best Practices Our IT professionals are trained experts, and certified to implement industry and manufacturer best practices.
  • Experience In addition to their own past experience and recurring training, Custom’s IT professionals are exposed to many situations and a variety of environments through their ongoing work at customer sites. They apply this practical experience and knowledge to your specific needs.
  • Access to a Breadth of IT Resources Custom’s onsite resources have immediate, 24/7 access to Custom’s more than 260 trained technical experts, as well as all of Custom’s tool sets, support subscriptions, and manufacturer relationships.
  • Extensive Staffing Solutions Custom offers the industry’s most extensive support staffing solutions, with options for full-time and part-time techs:
    • Level 1: Installer/Desktop Technician
    • Level 2: Network/Desktop Support Specialist
    • Level 3: Network Administrator
    • Level 4: System Engineer
    • Level 5: Senior System Engineer
    • PMI-Certified Project Manager

From our strategic local IT support, staffing, and onsite technical services, to managed services, to comprehensive service desk, help desk, and call center assessments, Custom’s goal is always the same: to provide the IT Assurance and Support services necessary to help you run your business successfully.