Deep skills and proven processes are necessary for the successful delivery of your largest IT projects. Beyond the pure technical expertise required to integrate hardware and software into your working environment, other key factors – including logistics, scheduling, planning, and a precisely calculated approach – are behind the physical deployment of IT assets.

For over seven years, Custom has provided exceptional service by: receiving the laptops from the manufacturer; storing, preparing and staging them at their site; delivering them configured, packaged and ready to go and providing a skilled and professional team to assist with distribution on Labor Day.

David Gannon, Associate Director, Academic Computing & Media Services

Custom’s Deployment Services deliver the right resources to ensure worry-free, seamless, and scaled implementation of even your most complex IT projects. Our experts leverage their deep technical skills, our proven IT project management methodology, and our state-of-the-art facility to mitigate the challenges, minimize the impact on your operations, and drive down implementation costs – while speeding your project’s completion.


Integrated into the Project Delivery phase of our Technology Implementation Process (TIP), Custom’s Deployment Services are overseen by your assigned expert Project Manager and include:

  • Dedicated product and purchasing specialists who manage all project purchases
  • Receiving and storage in our fully secure and monitored 98,000 square-foot facility
  • Asset management: Tracking and reporting of all inventory assets including serial numbers from receipt to installation
  • Third-party vendor coordination
  • In-house staging, pre-configuration, and kitting
  • In-house system burn-in
  • Pre-deployment dead-on-arrival (DOA) management
  • Just-in-time delivery of equipment (on scheduled day of installation)
  • Technology deployment, integration, and testing with existing systems
  • Rubbish removal