In today’s mobile world determining when and if someone is available to meet is becoming increasingly complex. Just as mobile technology provides your workers with the freedom to work anywhere, messaging technology keeps them accessible and connected.

Custom’s unified messaging solutions deliver the tools your workers need to connect and collaborate instantly – anywhere, anytime, from any device. Whether they are in the office, on the road, or telecommuting, our messaging solutions give them access to a variety of collaboration tools that allow them to see, hear, and work together effectively.

Enabling Connections

Custom’s unified messaging solutions provide access to a variety of tools, giving your workers a flexible breadth of choice in how to connect and collaborate based on their use cases and preferences. A key component of our innovative unified communications solutions include:

  • Telepresence
  • Instant messaging (IM)
  • Integrated voice, video, and email messaging
  • Resource-sharing
  • Desktop sharing, conferencing

Rich, real-time communications are possible among workers on any device –enabling the responsiveness and quick, informed decision-making that ultimately improves your business agility and competitive advantage.

Every organization has different collaboration needs, and for that reason, Custom’s expertise is diversified intentionally – as are our partnerships with today’s leading technology vendors. Our engineers are certified on a broad range of manufacturers’ technologies and platforms – including Microsoft Exchange unified messaging, Cisco, and others. Certification validates our staffs’ advanced knowledge, skills, and ensures the use of the latest best practices in the design and implementation of your unified messaging solution.

A Message for You

The most important aspect of any messaging solution is its alignment with your specific business, user, and budget requirements. Whether your solution calls for Microsoft Exchange unified messaging, Cisco Jabber, or a combination of messaging technologies that need to work together seamlessly for a complete unified communications solution, Custom delivers the expertise and focus necessary for designing and delivering a solution that works effectively for you.