Your storage system is where all your information sits for your data center environment. Your users and applications constantly feed data in – and retrieve data from – your storage system. Rising data and user volumes can consume your storage capacity quickly, slow I/O performance, and escalate storage and management costs.

Custom addresses your critical storage challenges – including scalability and capacity issues – with innovative physical, cloud, and virtualized storage technology solutions. Our storage solutions are designed to grow with your business and data, offer flexible virtualization, and ensure business continuity with simplified and cost-effective backup and recovery options.

Flexible, Scalable, Recoverable

A foundational component of your data center storage comes with some inherent challenges. Some of the most common are rapid data growth, inefficient utilization of data, and wasted storage capacity with up to 80% of inactive data. High data volume makes it difficult to find data quickly. Replication of data for backups is costly and unreliable. Data recovery is difficult and slow. Server or storage equipment upgrades require time-consuming data migration. Limited space in storage racks – and in your physical data center – restricts growth.

Custom storage solutions begin with agile hardware architecture and single platform scalability that immediately enable you to store more on less. Automated processes enable you to manage more with less – performing data migration and moving data by policy across storage tiers or to the cloud, deduping and compressing data, archiving inactive data, and indexing data for faster searches.

Custom’s expert storage solution architects and data center consultants have more than 20 years of experience designing and implementing a variety of storage solutions including:

  • Storage area network (SAN) – virtualized iSCSI storage
  • Network attached storage (NAS) – centralized storage, file sharing, and storage consolidation using iSCSI and Fibre Channel technology
  • Direct attached storage (DAS) – storage arrays for smaller-scale storage consolidation, virtualization, and business continuity solutions

Certified in storage technologies from Dell, HP, NetApp and other leading vendors and skilled in various protocols – including the latest iSCSI, NFS, and Fibre Channel technologies – their data center consultants ensure that your solution will be implemented using industry best practices for optimal results. Custom is partnered with leading storage manufacturers to offer you the very latest in storage technology innovation that is aligned with your specific needs.

Efficient Storage – and Peace of Mind

Custom’s scalable and flexible storage solutions are designed to house and manage your data assets efficiently – but they do so much more. They also offer deliver critical functionality that gives you peace of mind and enables you to:

  • Reduce storage costs and management through efficient server and storage virtualization
  • Scale your storage capacity cost-effectively to grow with your business and your data volume
  • Secure your data against downtime and disaster through efficient and effective virtual, cloud, and physical backup and recovery options

The efficiency of your storage system performance is critical to the productivity of your users – and the resiliency of your business in the event of a disaster or disruption. Rely on Custom for storage solutions that deliver.