In your data center, IT executives attempt to reduce costs and resource-intensive tasks through automation, data centralization, and data consolidation.

The issues are inherent, though, with servers that are designed to run a single operating system and a single application at a time. Even for smaller organizations, the need for multiple servers is common. The associated requirements for physical space and maintenance are hard to justify when each server is operating at just 15% of capacity.

Custom’s virtualization solutions are a viable alternative that can reduce costs significantly by maximizing the utilization and ROI of the existing IT infrastructure – including servers, storage, and networking. Our virtualized physical and cloud offerings and proactive managed services that monitor virtualized environments capably address your IT infrastructure availability, scalability and business continuity challenges.

Higher Availability, Lower Costs

Today’s advanced virtualization software enables servers to accommodate multiple operating systems and applications – dramatically increasing server utilization up to 80%. Custom’s virtualized solutions apply this technology to centralize and consolidate your servers, storage, even networking infrastructure, making your IT simpler, more available, and less costly to own and manage.

As a VMware partner, Custom specialists are certified experts in VMware and other leading virtualization technologies. We employ best practices in the design, development, and implementation of all of our virtualized solutions, which include:

  • Desktop Virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Today’s mobile user is no longer tethered to a single desk machine. Custom’s desktop, VDI, and application virtualization solutions offer your workforce streamlined, low-cost, low-management options for accessing their desktops and network applications reliably – anywhere, anytime, and from any device – and deliver a familiar user experience.
  • Server Virtualization – Custom simplifies your IT infrastructure through our efficient server virtualization that maximizes server utilization by running multiple operating systems and applications. Centralized operations mean less management and lower costs – from power and cooling to capital expenses – as well as higher availability and better application performance.
  • Cloud Services – Custom leverages the cloud – both public and hybrid – to deliver innovative services that enable you to respond to shifting user and market demands. These services, which include email and data backup, ensure reliable and secure communications, compliance, and even business continuity for mission-critical functionality – while minimizing the impact on your limited IT resources.

Virtual Advantages

Regardless of your business size, Custom’s virtualization solutions are THE the way to lower your IT infrastructure costs, reduce IT management, and maximize your existing IT resources. As a VMware partner, we are on the leading-edge of the latest innovations in virtualization, and apply them as appropriate in our solutions.

Call Custom for virtualization solutions that can stretch your resources – and give you better performance, higher availability, and peace of mind across your IT infrastructure.