Offering end users secure, streamlined, low-cost options for accessing their desktop applications benefits not only your end users but your IT organization as well. Due to the fact that several virtual desktops reside on one physical machine the costs of IT support drop dramatically and that’s just the beginning.

Traditional Desktops, Traditional Challenges

With traditional desktops, come traditional challenges. From securing workstations and data while maintaining compliance to managing and deploying new devices IT organizations have over time, become less efficient and reliable.

Four Distinct Benefits of Virtualized Desktops

While anywhere, anytime, from any device access is a benefit that your end-users will immediately see, your IT organization will realize benefits that are either on par with or far exceed end user benefits.

Simplified Management:

  • Security policies, software and hardware upgrades and application changes can be made in the data center.
  • Less downtime which increases productivity amongst end users and IT personnel
  • Centralized and simplified back up of desktops, laptops and other devices
  • Individual PC problems no longer requiring fixing at the end user location

Improved Security

  • Data can’t be copied to a disk or saved to any location other than the server
  • Centralized processing makes it easy to monitor and manage the system
  • Lock down end points at a moment’s notice

Cost Savings

  • Reduce administration and operating costs up to 70%
  • Thin clients consume an average of 8-20 watts vs.60-100 watts per PC
  • Reduces carbon footprint

Increased Productivity

  • Systems can be virtually preconfigured and put into operation in minutes
  • Access the same apps and data from virtually anywhere, on any device
  • Traditional PCs have longer repair times that cause delays and higher costs

Custom’s Advantage

Regardless of your industry, Custom has an extensive knowledge of building VDI solutions from small to enterprise organizations. Whether it’s VDI on-premise or desktop as a service (DaaS) , as a VMware Enterprise Partner we leverage best practices and concepts to ensure your success.