Servers are some of the most under-utilized components in your data center. Typically dedicated to running a single operating system or application, servers use only about 15% of their processing power. As the number of servers grows, so do your requirements for physical space, power, and cooling – not to mention the complexity that multiple servers add to your network infrastructure.

Custom server virtualization simplifies your infrastructure by enabling you to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single server. The resulting server consolidation and centralization maximizes server utilization, streamlines your IT infrastructure for better performance and reliability, and reduces the complexity – and costs – associated with IT management.

Lower IT Costs, Increase IT Efficiency

There are logical reasons for using dedicated servers in your IT environment. Many applications don’t work well with others, or may be older (legacy) applications that utilize different operating systems. The use of separate machines solves these issues and also facilitates the task of isolating and troubleshooting specific issues.

Custom server virtualization solutions help eliminate the complexity and costs of using dedicated servers. Our specialized software solutions work to convert one physical server into multiple virtual machines that each can run a unique operating system or application. Our virtualization solutions also enable data migration to new storage resources with little or no downtime or impact to user access.

This server consolidation delivers many benefits, including:

  • Simplified management
    • Lowered costs – fewer resources required
    • Increased resource productivity
    • Rapid deployment of new applications
    • Minimal or no downtime for data migration to new storage hardware resources
  • Increased performance
    • Improved scalability, availability, and security
    • Reduced planned downtime for maintenance
    • Automated monitoring and load balancing
    • Faster application recovery
    • Enable business continuity/disaster recovery services for all applications
    • Enhanced interoperability, greater automation
  • Lower TCO
    • Reclaimed physical data center capacity
    • Lowered energy consumption (power/cooling/cabling)
    • Reclaim network ports
    • Fewer physical servers means reduced cost of upgrades as the hardware components age

A Virtual Win-Win

Maximize your company’s revenue growth, resources, and productivity with the proven increased efficiencies gained from a Custom server virtualization solution.

Custom is partnered with VMware, Microsoft, and Cisco to provide you with the industry’s most advanced virtualization technologies.