Right People. Right Results.

Bryant University issues approximately 1,500 laptops to incoming Freshmen and returning Juniors each year on Labor Day.  For over seven years, Custom Computer Specialists has provided exceptional service by: receiving the laptops from the manufacturer; storing, preparing and staging them at their site; delivering them configured, packaged and ready to go and providing a skilled and professional team to assist with distribution on Labor Day.  Without the close partnership and team effort we have experienced with Custom Computer Specialists, this annual event would never achieve the level of success we have consistently enjoyed. “Custom has just the right touch for training educators. The trainers adapt the training to the teachers, making changes as they go along if they see they’re going too fast or too slow or they need to spend more time on a certain topic.’” “Working with Custom provides a higher level of service.” “Custom helped Parker Jewish obtain optimum value.” We’ve always had a positive experience with Custom. I would recommend Custom and their VoIP team to anyone. “Custom provided us with onsite training when we needed it.” “At no point has anybody said no, we can’t make it happen.” “Working with Custom means access to a diverse IT experience.” “Custom’s technician impresses with his extensive experience.”