How do you deliver quality healthcare to patients AND run your business AND keep up with the latest technology AND ensure government compliance? As a healthcare professional, your focus is divided among these imperatives. Custom understands the healthcare environment and has valuable experience delivering the solutions and security you and your patients need and expect.

Small to Mid-market

We understand the challenges facing small to mid-market healthcare organizations. You may lack the experience or resources to properly support your existing IT. Custom implements technology that supports and safeguards the spectrum of care, helping you leverage technology for your mission. We offer solutions that complement your existing IT, making medical care and the “business of doing business” more efficient for you and your patients. We can automate existing processes such as patient information capture, scheduling, and billing to reduce errors, time and costs. We also integrate your systems with key external partners’ systems, like hospitals, insurance providers, and prescription systems to streamline your operations. We can provide in-house technology services, IT managed services, or a combination of both in order to meet your specific technology needs.


Large hospitals or muli-location facility organizations usually have an IT department who is responsible for the day-to-day functions of keeping technology up and running. Custom works with your existing IT staff in a supporting role, providing customized programs for assessment, deployment, remediation and support. Custom can implement a secure, stable technology infrastructure for healthcare practices and facilities, with proactive management and support 24×7 to identify potential issues before they become problems.


Custom offers HI-IQ®, the leading interventional radiology information system developed in collaboration with the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR).