Accounting Firms


Technology solutions that improve your bottom line.

A CPA firm’s IT technology landscape has emerged as a key indicator of a firm’s abilty to ensure timely client deliverables, achieve higher profitability, and maintain a competitive edge. As a premier IT services provider, Custom looks forward to partnering with you to capitalize on opportunities that will increase your profitability through strategic IT investments and the quality of ongoing support.

As your business partner, our consultants will facilitate an IT Operational and Security Controls assessment to ensure effective IT management oversight, change control, security, and IT operational performance that strengthens your resilience to rapidly changing environments and business needs.

Our all-inclusive solution is designed to specifically address the objectives of your firm as we are keenly aware of the needs of accounting firms—the achievement of a managed, secure, cost-effective, predictable and smoothly-operating IT environment.

Here are key ways that Custom’s managed IT services for accounting firms have evolved in recent years:

Strategy: Technology is dynamic so it requires a tremendous amount of time and energy to stay on top of the latest available IT tools and techniques to support an accounting firm’s operations. Custom has the skilled staff and collective expertise to make sure you’re at the forefront of technology usage and to provide crucial insights into optimal IT strategy. Far from a mere outsourcing relationship, working with Custom now means having a trusted advisor/provider sitting next to your CIO and providing high-level strategic counsel.

Information Governance: Accounting firms are subject to a unique level of scrutiny when it comes to the way they manage the information lifecycle, because they are typically managing troves of highly sensitive client information. Custom will help to formulate, implement and monitor data retention policies, as well as other delicate information management protocols.

Project Management: Of course, the core responsibility of any managed IT services provider continues to be the “blocking and tackling” duties associated with the day-to-day upkeep of the firm’s IT ecosystem. Essentially, you’re purchasing a service level agreement to deliver your IT infrastructure so internal resources can refocus on higher value initiatives. Custom will manage your IT infrastructure, software applications and user support requirements so effectively that your team members can truly relinquish those burdens. This frees up your time and budget for other, higher-value efforts.

Data Security: The bane of every accounting firm CIO’s existence is the ongoing challenge of maintaining data security; a nightmare that has been brought to life by some very high-profile breaches at accounting firms in recent years. Working with Custom will allow you to flip the script in data security and become proactive—rather than reactive—by deploying state of the art cybersecurity measures along your firm’s IT perimeter, locking down the hardware in use, and implementing a consistent data security approach that cuts across all software applications, email, instant messaging, etc. This proactive approach yields quicker server patching, more consistent data back-ups, more disciplined system monitoring and faster notifications of potential threats detected.

If you want to spend less time and money on your infrastructure and more on specific technology applications that drive value to your firm such as analytics, artificial intelligence, knowledge management and client service delivery, then you’ll want to work with Custom.