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Working remotely has become a fixture in the business landscape. Your office is everywhere and sometimes, nowhere.  Facilitating safety measures, expanding your talent pool or cutting costs are just a few reasons fueling the remote worker revolution.

Supporting a Remote Team

While the expectations of your staff have changed, the fundamentals of running your business—collaboration; productivity; customer service—have not. Supporting the needs of your remote team can be a lot more challenging than it is when everyone is under the same roof.

Collaboration Technologies

When walking over to someone’s desk is no longer an option, voice and video technologies, such as VoIP and Zoom, step in. When conference room PowerPoint meetings aren’t possible, group screen sharing technologies, like Cisco WebEx, are a must. When your local network is more difficult to connect to remotely, cloud-based storage tools, including Microsoft SharePoint and Azure, become mandatory.

These solutions, along with chat, office tools, shared calendars, and more, keep your business humming along—regardless of your team’s geography. Our CustomCollaborate solution enables organizations like yours to operate in this new format.

Taking Away the Pain

We take away the pain of transitioning to a remote model and smoothly integrate your current technology, reducing the time required for your team to get up to speed.

Access controls in CustomCollaborate connect with our CustomSecurity solution, keeping your communications safe from prying eyes.

Implementing tools like Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) and Microsoft Teams among a disperse, remote workforce is more important than ever.

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