Law Firms

Data protection, compliance, and maintaining your network are our top priorities.

IT Services & Solutions 

CCS delivers a spectrum of IT services and technology solutions for small and mid-sized law firms to large Fortune 500 enterprise firms. Our service, designed specifically to manage the unique IT needs of law firms, includes data security, document sharing, application support, business continuity, and enterprise case management solutions for one flat monthly fee.


Support for Your Business Objectives

CCS begins by ensuring that your technology is aligned to support your business goals effectively:

EFFICIENCY  CCS helps you assess your needs, build a custom onsite solution or implement an IT-managed service, and maintain a technology infrastructure that enables productivity and collaboration.

RELIABILITY  CCS’ managed servicesonsite support, and proactive maintenance are designed to lower overall IT administration costs and unplanned downtime and ensure ongoing compliance with industry and government regulations.

FUTURE GROWTH  CCS develops your technology solution with the future in mind to support your business effectively today – and can scale as your business grows.

Benefits of Working with CCS

ENHANCED SECURITY  We use the latest software and applications to protect your firm against viruses, malicious attacks and other threats.

LOWER OPERATING COSTS  Our team will minimize downtime, improve efficiencies and help bring uniformity across multiple sites.

MANAGE GROWTH  You will not be able to meet tomorrow’s challenges with yesterday’s technology, and the same can be said for technical expertise. With our solution, you can access advanced expertise to manage, monitor, and differentiate your firm as you grow.

COMPLIANCE WITH GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS  Client information is protected by law, and if your in-house IT team falls behind with updates, you could expose your firm to stiff fines and penalties. Our solution keeps everything updated and in compliance.

We are committed to protecting your data, keeping your firm compliant, and keeping your network up and running. We will not risk your firm’s security, compliance, and reliability, and neither should you.