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The hub of your organization’s technology is your data center. In classic I/O fashion, your business flows in and out of your data center and an interruption in data flow results in halted dollar flow.

Data centers are complex

Switches, firewalls, servers, storage, uninterrupted power supplies, and other physical hardware just begin to scratch the surface.  Software, personnel, and security policies add to the complications.

Yet, despite the many facets, your data center simply cannot go down.

Support your daily operations

CustomDataCenter was designed to give you the set up and maintenance expertise required to support your daily operations. It was also designed to provide the immense power and scale necessary for a speedy recovery if disaster were to strike.

Getting a new or existing data center configured and secured correctly is a requirement to keep your business up and running. Our CustomDataCenter masters leverage 40+ years of experience and 1,000+ technical certifications to ensure the job is done right.

Should disaster strike, having 400+ CustomDataCenter staff ready to jump into action gives you the peace of mind needed to focus on running your business and building success.

Transition to a cloud-based solution

Our CustomCloud solution, a component of CustomDataCenter, supports your transition from a traditional data center to a cloud-based solution. CustomCloud reduces overhead costs by eliminating the physical footprint and power consumption as well as certain staffing resources.

Unless you’re in the business of running a data center, focusing on one is taking attention away from what you and your organization do best.

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