Security Where you Need it Most

Trusted throughout the region to design and implement School Safety Solutions.

Securing the Future

As legislation to enhance emergency response times in public schools gains momentum, it is crucial to recognize that installing cameras and silent panic alarms represents only one facet of building a well-rounded school safety strategy.

A Culture of Safety

We have collaborated with some of our nation’s largest school districts to design solutions beyond installing security systems. Our core competency lies in creating and implementing comprehensive school safety solutions, effectively identifying potential security vulnerabilities, and cultivating a safety culture throughout the district.

Our Approach

Selecting the appropriate safety solution may seem daunting, but our team of security experts is here to work closely with your team to:

    • Identify potential security gaps related to physical security and overall safety.
    • Review and implement best practices to develop effective school safety plans.
    • Identify the latest solutions and add-ons, such as panic alarm systems that link directly to law enforcement.
    • Create a culture of school safety to foster a secure learning environment.

Video Surveillance

Employ cutting-edge video surveillance solutions to improve the safety and security of your school, benefiting your students, staff, and visitors.

Access Control

Safeguard physical spaces against unauthorized entry by implementing access control solutions that only allow entry for authorized individuals.


Intercoms play a pivotal role within a school’s security framework, offering a communication conduit and access management functionality.

PA Systems

Public Address systems are integral to school security measures, serving various purposes to enhance safety and communication.

Digital Displays

Digital displays provide effective communication during emergencies, promote preparedness and contribute to a safer learning environment.

Panic Buttons

Panic Buttons provide staff with a quick and direct means of notifying law enforcement during a security threat, such as an active shooter or other emergencies.