Business Continuity

Backup. Recovery. Carry On.

Disasters Strike. Unexpectedly.

Two essentials for mitigating disaster risk are business continuity planning and the necessary resources to execute it quickly and correctly.

Many things can affect business as usual, including floods, fires, acts of terror, cyberattacks, and power outages, to name a few. Lacking a plan means more than just a more extended recovery period for your organization; it could mean the end of your business altogether. Statistically speaking, more than 25% of companies do not reopen following a major disaster.

Is Your Business Prepared?

Disaster Recovery is a significant part of your business continuity plan, and that’s where we step in. Our seasoned experts crafted our business continuity solution to prepare businesses like yours for such disasters while standing ready to deploy our army of 400+ to get you up and running immediately.

The first step is our Security Assessment Audit. This service reviews your existing infrastructure and procedures, identifies weak points and areas for improvement, and presents you with a tailor-made action plan.

Leveraging full redundant system design, physical, virtual and hybrid data backup, high availability hardware, virtualization, and much more, our team can design the right solution—bespoke to your organization’s specific needs.

Healthcare facilities, life science labs, defense industries, schools, and businesses place their trust in CCS, and you can, too.