Leadership Team

Executive Team

United by decades of IT experience, the CCS leadership team is committed to operational excellence and is passionate about client success. We continuously improve our delivery capabilities, technical DNA, and strategic alignment.

Jay Whitchurch

Chief Executive Officer

John Lundy

Chief Financial Officer

Suzanne McLaughlin

Suzanne McLaughlin

Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing

Tom Franson

Executive Vice President Service Operations

Kyriakos Kaimis

Executive Vice President National Accounts

JP Nel

Executive Vice President K12 Software Solutions

Board of Directors

Our board of directors ensures CCS maintains a sharp strategic vision, high operational efficiency standards, and effective pursuit of corporate goals. Together, we strive to improve the quality of IT services.

Gregory G. Galdi


Nathan Chandrasekaran

Co-Founder/Partner Columbia River Partners

Pooneet Goel

Co-Founder/Partner Columbia River Partners