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Despite best intentions, the purchase and implementation of in-house servers, networking gear, software licenses, and the like results in planned obsolescence. No matter the product, the technology will eventually reach its expiration date and the end of its functional relevance. While fundamentally flawed, this has been an accepted and understood practice within IT departments since the dawn of the PC.

Benefits of our Cloud Solution

Our Cloud solution solves the problem of obsolescence by reassigning the burden of many IT responsibilities and expenses. In short, our cloud solution directs the maintenance and cost of hardware, software and extra tech personnel out of your business. It also provides elasticity to your IT infrastructure—allowing your server needs to expand and contract on- demand as your business evolves. All of this, plus deflected power, cooling and physical footprint demands can mean a substantially lower cost of ownership versus legacy solutions.

Reduce Deployment Time

Using our web-based tools, new servers can be launched in minutes. This goes beyond storage and compute power by providing ubiquitous cloud- based services such as backup, cyber security, Microsoft Office 365, and Azure to name a few.

What’s more, with Microsoft Teams, available with this service, you can make calls, attend and host meetings, chat, and collaborate with others. Convenient cloud file storage is integrated within the apps along with identity and access management.

Offload Compute Power

Whether you’re looking to offload compute power for your organization’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered security monitoring needs, running an extensive database or web server with elastic requirements, managing Internet of Things (IoT) healthcare devices, or just about anything else, we can design a Microsoft Azure solution specific to your goals.

Minimize Risk of a Cyber Attack

Leveraging the scale of our Cloud solution for cyber security means minimizing your risk to malware and ransomware, access to industry-specific compliance offerings, and implementing the load- balancing and redundancy requirements needed to maximize uptime.

Extend Your Phone System

Eliminate your office’s dependence on a locally hosted PBX. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) extends your telephone system to the far reaches of the internet, allowing remote workers to use the same system as the in-office staff. Transferring calls, find me/ follow me routing to mobile phones when on the road and protection from office power and internet outages are just a small sampling of the perks!

We serve the following regions and states: Long Island, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey