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We provide technology support to over 2.1MM students throughout the Northeast. Specializing in E-Rate funding, onsite staffing and physical and data security solutions we focus on improving student learning outcomes, while creating a safe end user experience that exceeds expectations.

Supporting School Districts Throughout The Northeast

Today’s digital native students were born into an age where technology is pervasive. Their interactions with digital devices and applications begin at an early age. It’s not surprising then, that schools are shifting their traditional teaching tools from books to electronic devices, from chalkboards to interactive whiteboards – implementing technology to foster learning with greater impact. But integrating these technology resources can be challenging.  With that in mind, we have education specialists on staff who have extensive backgrounds working in the education field itself – as K-12 administrators, faculty members, and IT staff, to ensure that technology isn’t just implemented for the sake of technology.

A Partner with the Right Credentials

Rooted deeply in the education community, our dedicated education specialists regularly attend national conferences, including ISTE and USAC, to gain knowledge and updates that we take back to our regional customers. Custom and our team of specialists are members in a number of local, state and national K-12 education associations.

Custom holds a number of local and state contracts in New York and New England, making it easy for you to do business with us. We are a Northeast partner of Infinite Campus SIS, which provides us with critical visibility into all areas of schools. We also have extensive expertise with E-Rate funding, which helps to ensure access to affordable telecommunications, internet access, internal connections and other essential technology services for the K-12 education community.

We serve the following regions and states: Long Island, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire

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