Education K-12

Specializing in physical and data security solutions, E-Rate funding, and onsite staffing, we focus on improving student learning outcomes while creating a safe end-user experience that exceeds expectations.

Supporting Our School Districts

Today’s students entered a world dominated by technology, thus exposing them to digital devices and apps at an early age. Unsurprisingly, educators transitioned from conventional teaching tools to electronic devices and interactive whiteboards to enhance learning. Despite the evident benefits, incorporating these technological resources poses challenges. To address this, CCS has dedicated education specialists on staff to ensure a focused approach to meeting the evolving technological needs of today’s learners.

K-12 Solutions

Our K-12 solutions are designed to support the needs of students, faculty, and administration, ensuring an end-user experience that meets and surpasses expectations. Whether it is cyber security, device deployment, onsite staffing, or managed services, you can have confidence that the CCS team will successfully deliver on our commitments.

Hybrid Classroom Solution

We deliver turn-key solutions designed for today’s blended learning environment, regardless of whether students are in the classroom or learning from home. With speaker- and presenter-tracking cameras, dual displays, wireless sharing, and sophisticated audio, our CustomClassroom Kit keeps students engaged regardless of location.

Software to Improve Student Outcomes & District Leadership

CCS provides educators and administrators with cutting-edge tools and technologies, helping them streamline their workflows. With our software solutions, you can enhance student performance, increase engagement, and drive success across your entire district. We have software solutions to meet educators’ and administrators’ unique needs and challenges, improve student achievement, streamline administrative tasks, and enhance communication and collaboration.

Our suite of software solutions includes:

INFINITE CAMPUS  The only all-in-one student information system that allows districts to eliminate siloed systems and streamline processes.

CUSTOM BACKPACK  The Custom Backpack extends the capabilities of the Infinite Campus student information system. It allows staff to view custom reports and provides an administrative dashboard to control their creation and availability.

CUSTOM DATA VISUALIZATION  This powerful tool helps educators track and analyze student performance data, identify areas for improvement, and develop targeted interventions to support student success.

CLASS LIST CREATION SOFTWARE  This intuitive platform simplifies class list creation while improving academic and well-being outcomes and freeing up more time for educators to focus on teaching and student support.


Help Desk for Students, Teachers & Parents

Say goodbye to students missing classes or homework assignments due to technical issues. We staff our CustomHelpDesk for Education with experts who resolve technical problems specifically associated with learning from home. We have helped many school districts accelerate their push into distance and HyFlex learning by providing support models that assist students and their parents.

K-12 and higher education institutions turn to CCS to expand their student body and provide students and faculty with a higher-quality hybrid learning experience. Speak with one of our knowledgeable CCS consultants today to learn how to implement CustomClassroom in your school.

Ransomware Self-Assessment

Use our Ransomware Self-Assessment Tool to assess your district's ability to defend against and recover from a ransomware attack. For each question, select the answer that best describes your district. If you are unsure, enter your best guess. Once completed, you will receive information about your cyber readiness.

When you think about your district's overall cyber security posture:

When you think about the cyber risk staff and administrators present, you feel:

Regarding Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA):

Overtime most Districts are faced with disparate or aging operating systems.  Which statement below best describes your District?

Select the phrase that best completes this statement: Planning how we would respond to a ransomware attack is something…

Regarding Antivirus:

Choose the statement that best completes this sentence. When it comes to backing up our data...

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