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You may have noticed, in spite of all the technology available to make learning, teaching or running a business more efficient, service downtime—no matter how brief—instantly halts productivity. Frustrations flare and time is lost.

If you need a password reset, access to Google Classroom or Microsoft Office, or network connectivity restored, you’ll have to reach out to an IT help desk to get back on track fast!

But maintaining an in-house IT help desk can be a daunting and expensive proposition. Staffing a wide array of talent is a financial and managerial challenge that seldom pays for itself.

CustomHelpDesk for Education

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Our Distance Learning Help Desk supports over 100,000 K-12 students and their parents, clearing a wide array of technical roadblocks. School districts defer these incoming help desk calls to our team, freeing up their faculty to focus on what they do best. Many districts have found CustomHelpDesk to be an invaluable necessity, especially during the start of a new semester.

With the expansion of hybrid at-home and in-school learning, along with 1:1 device distribution, educational institutions have seen their supported user headcount explode seemingly overnight. Whether over the phone, chat or email, we’re here to help.

CustomHelpDesk for Business

Download the CustomHelpDesk for Business Brochure

Our CustomHelpDesk provides scalable, on-demand support without the headaches and constraints of internal staffing. Businesses, especially those integrating work-from-home employees, have seen a rapid rise in tech support requests and mixed device environments not typically supported by in-house IT. Our team of experts are available beyond standard business hours (morning and night), supporting your personnel after your internal IT team has left for the day.

Speak with one of our knowledgeable CustomConsultants to learn how to implement  CustomHelpDesk into your school or business today.