You are in Expert Hands with CCS’ Comprehensive Service Capabilities & Innovative Approach to Technology Management.

Helping Organizations Reach New Heights

Recognizing the constant demands of the 24/7 IT landscape, you can trust you are in the hands of seasoned professionals. Our team of over 400 technology experts is equipped with advanced certifications and a forward-thinking approach to technology management to bring you the latest and most cutting-edge technologies.

Complete Assurance

Access to the latest technology experts and technologies for one predictable monthly cost.

Managed Security

As a SOC 2 Certified provider, we will augment your IT and data security defenses to protect your organization.

Virtual CIO/CISO

Our Virtual CIO/CISO services ensure you stay ahead of the curve and anticipate future needs.

Project Services

IT infrastructure is in our DNA. CCS has successfully executed countless network and data center projects, providing “built-to-last” solutions.

Physical. Digital Secured.

Proper security, logical and physical, is essential to business. Organizations of all sizes collect, store and use data. The increasing frequency of data breaches and cyberattacks highlights the growing responsibility to secure your data, networks, and devices.

Are You Cyber Ready?

Using our Cyber DNA Profiler, you can assess your cyber readiness. For each question, choose the answer that best describes your organization. If you are unsure, enter your best guess. Once completed, you will receive information about your cyber readiness.

When I think about our organization's overall cyber security posture:

When you think about the cyber risk employees present, you feel:

Regarding Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) :

Overtime most organizations are faced with disparate or aging operating systems.  Which statement below best describes your organization:

Select the phrase that best completes this statement: Planning how we would respond to a cyber incident is something…

Regarding AntiVirus:

Choose the statement that best completes this sentence. When it comes to backing up our data...

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Our Strategic Partners

We are proud to have strategic partners span the entire technology ecosystem lifecycle, including Cloud, Security, Networking, Data Center and Collaboration.


Whether new in the industry or looking to take on a new challenge,

join our award-winning team of innovators and collaborators today!

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