Physical. Digital. Secured.

Download the CustomSecurity BrochureProper security, logical and physical, is a business essential. Organizations of all sizes collect, store and use data. The increasing frequency of data breaches and cyberattacks highlight the growing responsibility to secure your data, networks and devices.

Data Security

There is a delicate balance between locking down your IT infrastructure and maintaining local and remote accessibility. Custom’s security team designs and executes that balance for your organization by leveraging end-to-end encryption, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and other best-in-class security practices. Our experts assess your security needs and implement a solution that best suits your operation.

We can help you:

      • Authenticate users
      • Profile users and devices
      • Enable secure network access for guests, contractors or partners
      • Ensure that software updates are current
      • Maintain antivirus protection
      • Monitor and filter content
      • Assure that your security methods and policies comply with industry and government regulations
      • Train employees on security best practices
      • Enforce security policies and governance
      • Mitigate cyberattacks
      • Prevent data loss
      • Implement and maintain your firewall
      • …and more!

Physical Security

Whether you’re responsible for securing your data center, personnel access and safety, or surveillance, our security experts can design and install your ideal solution. Perimeter security, video surveillance leveraging Genetec software and Axis or Panasonic video cameras, remotely accessible or closed circuit, electronic door access control, and E-911 over VoIP just scratch the surface.

Our InformaCast Fusion Emergency Notification product alerts those in your school or business of an intruder, emergency situation, severe weather warning, and much more. We can integrate with your existing PA system, telephone network and digital signage while activating a facility-wide lock down and even send notifications to the local police (with video footage of the incident in action). Additional features include active shooter with gun fire detection, IoT integration, scheduled notifications, and a variety of panic button solutions.

Schools, healthcare facilities and businesses place their trust in us to help them mitigate threat risk.

We serve the following regions and states: Long Island, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey