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Custom has been providing deployment and distribution services to the education community for over 40 years.


Endpoint Device Emergency COVID Distribution

Custom has been providing deployment and distribution services for over 40 years, however in the days since COVID these services have become even more of a necessity in the education community.

Immediately after the pandemic hit, one of our higher education clients was in need of devices for students and staff.  In response, our client procured 30,000 endpoint devices for their students, which were shipped to our remote onsite location in Manhattan.  Once we received the devices, we distributed them in two ways:

First we sanitized and re-packaged the devices in a plain brown box and inserted a User Agreement and Instruction Sheet along with some accessories.

  • We scanned the shipments and palletized them according to higher education campus.
  • Approximately 10,000 devices were shipped in bulk to the individual higher education campuses.

Second the remainder of the devices were shipped directly to end-users, which requires more touches such as address verification, managing incorrect addresses, and returns to the shipping location.

  • Approximately 20,000 devices were shipped in this manner.

Simultaneously, another education client, a large NYC K-12 district was in need of immediate devices for students and staff.  We received 150,000 devices from our manufacturers at our warehouse/deployment facility in our Hauppauge location.  These devices were re-packaged and shipped to the end users by the time distance learning had been put into effect.

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