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Edge•U Badge – a professional learning system designed by teachers, for teachers to provide professional development in the use of technology tools, web applications and strategies for instructional leadership


Ignite your district’s Professional Learning with the Edge•U Badge Program!

Creating interactive environments that keep their students excited to learn has become imperative for teachers throughout the region. Whether fully remote or hybrid, the digital classroom in some form or another is here to stay.

Train Your Educators

With this ISTE Seal of Alignment awards program you’ll have the ability to give your teachers the tools they need to create interactive digital classrooms.  Each module is designed to give teachers the experience to put these tools into their curriculum. Modules include Adobe, Spark, Bitmoji, Chrome Music lab, ClassDojo, Kahoot and more.

How Does It Work?

  • Educators log into the Edge•U website
  • Search by ISTE Standards to solve a problem of practice
  • View available badges
  • Points are given when badges are earned
  • Participants move up levels as they earn more badges and points; turn in those points for Contact Hours or Graduate Credits
  • Teachers can share their progress with their colleagues to grow their PLN

Easy to Implement. Easy to use!

This program allows teachers to learn at their own pace, provides them with clear success criteria to measure progress, and creates a sense of personal accomplishment and excitement.

Choose – Meet your classroom needs by choosing the badges you want to complete.

Learn – Explore various topics that you want to learn at your own pace.

Implement – Use your new skills in the classroom to directly impact learning.

Earn – Earn badges and turn your point in for contact hours or graduate credits

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