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Edge•U Badge – a professional learning system designed by teachers, for teachers to provide professional development in the use of technology tools, web applications and strategies for instructional leadership

Ignite your district’s Professional Learning with the Edge•U Badge Program!

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The art of educating students is ever evolving. The skills today’s youth need to blaze their path within the modern workforce involves a keen understanding of digital tools and proper cyber literacy. These demands have accelerated the evolution of the class curriculum. It’s often said, the recent global pandemic has caused the most extreme changes in education seen in generations.

To keep up, superintendents and administrators alike are searching for new ways to incentivize their faculty to expand their knowledge and create more immersive, digitally relevant classroom experiences.

Answering the call, we bring you Edge-U Badge—our ISTE Seal of Alignment awards program and education platform.

With Edge-U Badge, teachers receive the tools they need to operate interactive digital classrooms. Popular modules include Adobe Spark, Bitmoji, Chrome Music Lab, ClassDojo, Kahoot, and many more. Each module is designed to give teachers the experience to add these skills directly into their curriculum.

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This is truly a program that is relevant to today’s learners of technology.
Teachers feel much more comfortable using and introducing certain
programs to students if they can navigate it easily as well.

—Kathy Frye, Ed.D
Curriculum Director at Felicity-Franklin

Teachers learn online, at their own pace, and accumulate points for each topic achievement badge they earn. Depending on your district, these points can often be redeemed for contact hours or graduate credits.

Implementation is easy with our turnkey Edge-U Badge online platform. Support for the platform is fully administered, freeing up your coaching staff to focus on bigger picture initiatives.

We can cut the vast tangle of professional development down to size. Schedule a demo with one of our knowledgeable CustomConsultants by clicking below to learn how to easily implement Edge-U Badge into your school district today.

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