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Complete Hybrid Classroom Solution

Within the past few years, the definition of a “classroom” has broadened and evolved. The need to educate in school, as well as the home, introduced new process and technology challenges for faculty, students and parents. Accommodating time-constrained and/or geographically distant students, those with disabilities and families with pandemic safety concerns has become the new normal for educational institutions—especially while supporting expanding business goals and evolving student expectations.

Immersive Experience

Whether a student is in the classroom or learning from home, our turn-key solution was designed for today’s blended learning environment. With speaker- and presenter- tracking cameras, dual displays, wireless sharing, and sophisticated audio, our CustomClassroom Kit keeps students engaged regardless of their location.

Distance Learning IT Help Desk for Students, Parents and Teachers 

Say goodbye to students missing classes or homework assignments due to technical issues. Our CustomHelpDesk for Education is staffed with experts who resolve technical problems specifically associated with learning from home. We have helped many school districts accelerate their push into distance and HyFlex learning by providing support models that assist both students and their parents.

Professional Development 

With Edge-U Badge, our ISTE Seal of Alignment awards program, teachers receive the tools they need to operate interactive digital classrooms.  Modules include Adobe Spark, Bitmoji, Chrome Music Lab, ClassDojo, Kahoot, and many more. Each module is designed to give teachers the experience to add these skills directly into their curriculum.

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K-12 and higher education institutions turn to CustomClassroom to expand their student body and provide a higher-quality hybrid learning experience for students and faculty.

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