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Technology refreshed

Technology is ever evolving. With IT, what’s new today will eventually be replaced by something more cutting edge. While technologies exhibit an initial relevance and eventual expiration date, your business needs to plow ahead, independent of your tech’s life cycle.

Your organization cannot skip a beat. If tech ages, a replacement must be on deck—ready for deployment. Maintaining inventory, an experienced staff and the necessary project managers to ensure a smooth transition can be a challenge for any business—especially at scale.

For over 40 years, we have handled life cycle technology planning for countless institutions, from healthcare to education, from local government to commercial clientele. Areas of refresh include endpoint, infrastructure and data center, to name but a few.

Plan ahead

CustomLifeCycle uses our massive warehouse, skilled IT technicians, CustomProjects management team, CustomProcure product purchasing, and more to not only implement your tech refresh but plan ahead for it.

Do you know the right time to cycle-out aging tech? Are you aware of the latest replacement options?

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