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Procurement made simple

Keeping your organization’s technology fresh and up to date can be a time-consuming process. Researching prices, specs, compatibility, and the like while comparing warranty options and product reviews takes resources away from your daily business responsibilities.

CustomProcure uses our 40+ years of experience and talented team of experts to relieve you of this headache. We can identify the best products for your organization, handle the receipt and setup logistics and do so at a significant savings to your bottom line.

Access to over one million technology products

What’s more, our strong industry relationships and significant buying power means competitive product pricing. This includes access to over one million technology products.

Being your neighbor, our local presence gives us access to state contracts throughout New York, New Jersey and New England for your industry-specific purchases-potentially providing further discounts. Our large warehouses can also inventory all product components and stage configured systems for delivery and deployment.

Access to the latest hardware and software products is made easy with our dedicated product specialists. CustomProcure is your one-stop shop for the purchase, tracking and delivery of your software, hardware, support and warranty needs.

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