From communications to information access to process automation, your technology enables your organization. If the majority of your time and IT resources are focused on the tactical support of your end users and putting out fires, you’re shortchanging the potential of your technology – and your business. Custom IT Managed Services deliver dedicated, prioritized, and proactive management of your business-critical technologies. Our worry-free IT support assures that your technologies are properly managed and optimized for performance – freeing your resources to focus on strategic technology initiatives that align with your business and drive success.

 IT Support Assurance

Custom offers a choice of IT support assurance packages to meet your specific needs:

  • Network Assurance Ensures uninterrupted and secure access to your organization’s information
  • Productivity Assurance Keeps your organization running efficiently while protecting your technology investments
  • Complete Support Assurance Combines our Network and Productivity Assurance for complete coverage

Custom IT Managed Services provide:

  • Consultative IT onsite support services with certified Custom technicians that
    • Work side-by-side with your staff to resolve issues
    • Assist with application upgrades specific to your environment
    • Guide you and your IT staff on how to strengthen and update your environment
    • Industry tools to help guide and support the entire IT environment
  • Proactive management and support of servers and infrastructure devices
    • 24/7 monitoring
    • Device refresh and system updates
  • Remote management and support of desktops
    • Help Desk support
    • Resolve 90% of issues remotely

All of our IT Managed Services engagements begin with a detailed assessment of your IT environment to determine how effectively your existing infrastructure is supporting your current – and future – business needs. After assessing the state of your current network and servers, we review any issues we uncover, and provide our recommendations for remediation with our comprehensive Custom IT Managed Services. These can be a mix of IT onsite support and remote services and can support your entire IT environment proactively, ensuring optimal IT performance, availability, and efficiency with fewer interruptions – for a predictable, fixed cost.

Enabling Success

Your technology is an investment that should be enabling your business. Simply keeping the lights on is not maximizing the potential of that investment. Custom IT Managed Services are part of our comprehensive IT Assurance and Support  services that empower you to use your technology to drive your business success.